Sunday, August 16, 2009

Getting closer!

Hello everyone! Well, we are getting closer to little miss Bella's arrival!! We are due 2 weeks from tomorrow and I think Justin and I are both very anxious. I am doing well and so is Bella from what I can tell! We will see the doctor tomorrow and find out if I am making any progress yet...not that it would mean anything substantial as Bella will come when she is ready!! We had/have a very busy weekend/week. Justin's family threw a baby shower yesterday where we were overcome by the generosity of everyone!! Bella has sooo many cute outfits now!! It was nice to spend the day surrounded by family...including my mom and sister who attended. Nathan has had the blessing of getting to spend lots of time with my mom last weekend, this weekend, and she will be here Tuesday to watch him while our sitter is off. He loves his grandma's (both of whom he affectionately calls "Motts"....we aren't sure where this came from!!) and has enjoyed having more time to spend with my mom. He is definitely a little ham!
Hope you are all doing well out there! I will try to update this week sometime, but with Tyler leaving for college (Good Luck Uncle TyTy) and Justin and I hectic at work, it may have to wait until next weekend. And if we are blessed with Bella's arrival before then, we will make sure and post pictures!!

Love to you all!
The Smith's

Playing with Uncle TyTy (his favorite person at the moment)!

These subsequently were broken later that day...he is a little rough trying to put sunglasses on!!

Playing blocks with cousin Lily and Amanda.

Lifting weights with Uncle TyTy.

This is the messiest he has ever been with spaghetti!!!! He looked like he had makeup on! We couldn't resist a photo!!

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